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did that preacher even know who died? ME TOO. That's why I create end-of-life ceremonies that reflect the personality and values of the person. How? I listen to your stories.

Have you been to a not-quite-satisfying ceremony and wondered, did they just Google "unique ceremony" and then copy it?

Have you been to a funeral and wondered....


Have you wondered, why can't I have my own divorce / crone/ wingding ceremony?

Me too! WE CAN!

I wondered too, so
I don't do that.
I have studied ritual and ceremony most of my life.

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Memorial Services
Celebrations of Life
End-of-Life Celebrations
Committal Ceremonies
Wakes and Wingdings
Anniversary / Remembrance Services

Home Funerals / Burials
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honor the dead, comfort the living

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Your legacy is much more than the money you leave behind.

Your legacy includes the wisdom you can pass on to your loved ones and the world at large. It includes your life-story, a soul sketch of who you are. It includes your memories and mementos, large and small. Sometimes it involves sorting through a lifetime of photographs so they are manageable and meaningful for others. Sometimes it means cleaning up some old messes and making reconnections.

Together, let's create just what YOU need to make your legacy meaningful.

legacy work

More than money, more than memories

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Pre-planning gives YOU control and peace of mind now.

Pre-planning saves your loved ones from the stress of making quick decisions at a stressful and difficult moment. 

Pre-planning reduces frustration, fighting, and hurt feelings among those you leave behind.

Make YOUR wishes known and/or help your loved one articulate their wishes NOW.

Together, we can craft a plan for:
   Advance Directives
   Hospice Planning
   End-of-Life Planning

pre-need planning


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People choose to come together in all sorts of ways. Craft a celebration that reflects and honors your choice.

Commitment Celebrations for ALL types of relationships
Handfasting and Binding Ceremonies
Collaring Ceremonies

Family Blending Ceremonies
Adoption Transition Rituals and Ceremonies

Creative and Business Partnerships
Community Coalition Building

The beautiful handfasting cord to the left was designed by Ceotha Muirhead. You can see her bespoke pieces at or visit her on Etsy.

celebrations of union

Unity is being at one with someone or something.

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Ceremonies enrich our lives, womb to tomb! Choose to mark your milestone moments, your rites-of-passage, your transformative events.

These include:
Welcoming babies
Honoring the changes of puberty
Significant birthdays
Achievements of all sorts - like learning to drive or overcoming a fear
Career moves
Gender transitions
House leavings and warmings
Croning and Elder Ceremonies

These are just a few examples. You can also choose a "do-over." Was there a transition that was very important to you, but not acknowledged at the time? Perhaps a private - or even very public - ceremony will provide just what you need.



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Holy days. Holidays. Personal traditions.

Seasonal ceremonies and celebrations allow you to acknowledge what is passing, express gratitude or request support, and prepare for what is to come.

Humans throughout history have gathered in groups large and small to honor the seasons, to acknowledge anniversaries, to remember the past, and to move joyfully and bravely into the future.

Whatever and however you celebrate, craft an individual ceremony that reflects YOU and your values.

seasonal and sustenance ceremonies

express gratitude,

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becky & Raj

great job of interweaving jewish and hindu traditions to tell the story of our house and our family. Everyone felt satisfied - did not expect that!


your eulogy for helen felt like you had known her your whole life. Thank you for helping all of us celebrate the complicated woman we loved.

what is a celebrant?

A celebrant is a trained ceremony specialist. A celebrant is inclusive, non-judgmental, and professional. We follow a Code of Ethics, provide a no-obligation initial consultation, and use a tried and true methodology to personally craft unique rituals and ceremonies. You approve all parts of a ceremony in advance, and you will be provided with a printed keepsake copy of your ceremony. We are activists for the importance of ceremonies throughout our lives - “womb to tomb.”

why do we need ceremonies?

Ceremonies honor passages and milestones. They provide comfort and support and sustenance. They deepen meaning for all the moments of our lives, the mundane and the exceptional. They strengthen individuals, families, and communities. Ceremonies are sometimes somber and sometimes silly, and they satisfy a deep human need. 

can you officiate at an end-of-life service with very short notice?

Absolutely. Most funerals are arranged within 48-72 hours, and with even a day’s notice I will conduct a complete, individualized ceremony. If I have more time to talk with you and others about the deceased, we can create a truly unique experience that celebrates their life story.

You also have the option of a simple service immediately, followed by a memorial service or end-of-life celebration later.

how much do you charge?

I am not the cheapest and not the most expensive. You will always be given a firm, all-inclusive quote.

For funerals, you will be given a firm quote when we first talk by phone or email. You can probably find someone to officiate at a funeral for less money. However, if you want a personalized ceremony that honors both the deceased and your personal vision of what the gathering should look and sound like, you need someone like me who is experienced in turning memories into meaningful, nurturing ceremonies.

For other ceremonies, you will be given a firm price during the no-obligation interview.

what is your no-obligation consultation?

For most ceremonies, we meet (in-person or virtually) for a 30-45-minute initial no-obligation consultation. We talk about your ceremony ideas and concepts and I give you a final quote for my services. If we decide we are a good fit, there is an easy process I use so that I can understand YOUR story and perspective. 

For other ceremonies, you will be given a firm price during the no-obligation interview.

how do i know i will like what you write?

Based on our consultation, I will research any rituals, music, and readings that you request or that I feel will be a great match for you. Then I create a draft and send it to you in advance. You are always in control. Working with the draft, I provide unlimited consultation on your ceremony until it is just right for YOU. You are the owner of the ceremony script and can add, change, omit, or alter anything at all. 

will you write a eulogy for someone else to read?

Of course! And it will be written in the “voice” and style of the person who will be reading. I also help people write the eulogy to be read at their own end-of-life gathering. 

can you conduct virtual ceremonies?

Absolutely. We can use various video platforms to interact in real time, we can stream a service, or you may decide to record something that you will share with others. These options are always available, not just while social distancing guidelines are in place.

will you travel?

I can serve most of Arizona without special arrangements. Just ask me if you want me to travel or if you need me overnight. 

do you perform religious services? non-religious services?

I will create and conduct all ceremonies according to your values and desires. I do not represent any church, and I am not ordained/authorized to act on behalf of any church. I am happy to incorporate religious symbols, traditions, and activities that are meaningful to you into your service or ceremony. We can also incorporate elements from many other traditions and practices.

There is no right or wrong way for you to have the ceremony you desire – there is only YOUR way. It is very unlikely that you would ask for something I was not comfortable incorporating. If I will not be able to give you exceptional service, I will recommend another celebrant who will be better suited to help you.

i need a do-over! Can you help?

You may still feel unfinished after a service that was already done by someone else. 

Let's work together. You have the power to craft the ceremony that meets your needs.

what does lifelode mean?

The company name was inspired by Jo Walton's beautiful 2009 fantasy novel, Lifelode. Lifelode is a Middle English word for the living of one’s life. It suggests conduct, livelihood, support, and sustenance.. 

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